May 30, 2013

Devon Barbieri (Facebook Commenter Fail)

To see a black man openly admit to being a gun owner/enthusiast and activist, and has to carry a gun every where he goes and around his house, that's pretty sad and honestly, shameful!

March 15, 2013

What Happens When You Don’t BAN Guns (Video)

I keep saying it, when you ban guns, disparity or force becomes the name of the game for criminals. It’s nothing to get a few guys together to commit a home invasion, rape, robbery, beating, killing, what have you. Owning guns for self defense is not about being macho or cool, guns are the great equalizer period. Send 30 guys with Knives into a house with a 5’3″ woman and an AR-15 and i’ll put my money on the woman every time. Give the guys guns and it’s up in the air, but the woman still has a some chance of surviving. […]

I Fondle My Double Action / Single Action Handguns More

Recently, I bought an HK p30. Even though they hate me and think I suck I love HK. Don’t let HK fool you, kind of like Cassie and Diddy’s relationship, they may not publicly claim us civilians, but they quietly love us. Why else would they make such awesome guns and let me own them (Sarcasm monday)? Yes, I just wrote an introductory  paragraph that had nothing to do with the subject at hand, which is supposed to be why I fondle my double action / single action guns more than my striker fired guns. […]

November 7, 2012

No Love for Loaded Chamber Indicators?

What is with the unbridled hatred for loaded chamber indicators? You can’t watch a review of a gun containing a loaded chamber indicator without the reviewer going on a ten second tangent on how they can’t stand the loaded chamber indicator. Even Brandon from Monderno can’t stand loaded chamber indicators and I just don’t see why? I get it, a gun is always loaded so you shouldn’t have to depend on a loaded chamber indicator to tell you the gun is loaded. In a perfect world no truer words can be spoken, but in this reality we as humans are always seconds away from another f*** up. What’s so evil about a little non intrusive bar that sits slightly raised on top of your gun? Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating the complete and utter reliance of a loaded chamber indicator to determine the bang bang status of your firearm.  When I had a gun that had a loaded chamber indicator I still safety checked the firearm even with the chamber indicator down. The thing is, it takes only one mistake, one squeeze of the trigger of an assumed empty firearm to have a really really bad day. […]

October 30, 2012

T-Dog Needs A New Gun…

I know, I know, I know, you’re wondering who the hell is T-Dog?!? Well if you’re a fan of the walking dead you might know him as the invisible black guy on the show. Now in it’s third season T-Dog has managed to make it through the first two seasons of The Walking Dead without being killed. Considering the genere of this series and T-Dog’s racial make up it’s fucking incredible that he’s still here. However, upon watching The Walking Dead it’s fairly clear that T-Dog’s   survival is due to dumb luck or some sick twisted joke the writers are playing on all of us. At this point it does not matter. T-Dog made it to Season 3 when he clearly wasn’t supposed to and now I think he needs our help to see the end of this series. […]

AK-47 America’s New Weapon of Choice

There is no secret about the fact that I love my AKs. However, in America I still think the AR is the golden child of most Americans and will probably remain that way. There is just too much bad blood between Americans and the AK for the AK rehabilitate its image in American minds. I’ve said it before and ill say it again, AKs are like pitbulls, feared by most people absolutely loved by their owners. Owen from Snake Hound is one of those owners. When it comes to AKs Owen is brilliant. I still have products from Owen that I have yet to review, but they’ll be coming shortly. […]

Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus for Michelle Viscusi

Michelle Viscusi is officially a member of Team Glock and  80% of the reason  she is  because she’s hot. I know tit (Freudian Slip), she knows it, Glock knows it, and so does Jesus, but none of us really care. Finally, a member of team Glock who we can enjoy looking at without feeling like you’re looking at your little sister […]

It Can’t Happen To me and If It Does Oh Well…

People have no idea how many  women I come across who live in the unreliable comfort of it won’t happen to me, and if it does there is nothing I can do about it. Forgive me but that is  incredibly fucking selfish. Everyone owes it to their family, friends and loved ones to take charge of their own safety however you decided to do it. The people that love you can’t always be there to protect you. When I leave my girlfriends apartment there is nothing I can do for her if someone kicks in her door, she needs to have a when he’s not here plan. That maybe guns, pepper spray, a bat, something to even the playing field. […]

Me No Likey Appendix Carry

Keep an open mind, that’s right, don’t knock it until you try it. Then when you try it, knock it. At least that’s what I do every time  I try to appendix carry. On paper appendix sounds great, but I just can’t get jiggy with appendix carry. I know a few people who appendix carry and it baffles me. I think people who appendix carry are magicians. Where the hell does the gun go when you sit down. People who appendix carry are like human Kangaroos, when they sit down their Kangaroo pouch opens up and in goes the gun. Anytime I sit down while I appendix carry the butt of  the gun tries to become a part of my large intestine and it’s simply unbearable. I try to shift it and move it around but I get nothing but pain. Some people have a problem having a gun pointed at their danger zone and I can understand that, but a good holster  quashes any concerns in that department. […]

Smith & Wesson Make a Glock 19 Killer Already!

The Glock 19 is my baby, even when i’m carrying a different gun my Glock 19 is somewhere around. I have as close a connection to my Glock 19 as a anyone can have to a combination of plastic and metal without living in a padded room with a best friend named Mr. Wilson who constantly gets his ass kicked. Here’s the thing, as much as I love my Glock 19 I have a sick and twisted desire to see it knocked off its throne. The way I see it, the M&P series of handguns is in the perfect position to  do that but Smith & Wesson keeps trying to pass off that step child of a gun the M&Pc as their answer to the Glock 19. […]

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